Two ways to wear black jeggings

Kaitlyn asked me to feature two ways to wear black leggings.  And to those of you who read this blog and see me on a regular basis, I have to apologize.  Because I already know that both of these outfits will be lived in this fall and winter.  If you get tired of them… my bad.  But they’re both so comfortable and practical.   I envision the blouse and booties for a date or dinner out with friends.  The tshirt and sneakers outfit is comfy and perfect for running errands or hanging out on a Saturday.  These will seriously be… Read More

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Festa Italiana

Saturday was one of those perfect days. We packed up, with a few of our best friends, and spent the day at an Italian festival at a local winery.  Katrina and Angelo had been to this festival at Raffaldini Vineyards before and the rest of us are so glad we got to tag along this year!  It was less than an hour from home so it was the perfect day trip.   Our $15 ticket included a wine tasting, so that was our first stop. From there, we found a spot on the lawn and ate lunch.  Well, after we… Read More

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High five for Friday!

Friday, you’ve been missed!  These are my top moments from this week. Friday night, Katrina and I decided to do a craft night, drink some wine and catch up.  {Remember how I called her out last week?  Apparently it worked!}  We had to kick David out… who was bent on watching some western movie with terrible music.  My craft didn’t work out {mostly because I didn’t have everything I needed} but Katrina worked on several different things.  Laid back nights with friends are just perfect.  Especially when they involve wine and no alarm set for the next morning. #isuckatcrafts #butikeeptrying… Read More

Two ways to wear boots {when it’s hot outside}

Please tell me I’m not the only one.  I’m in full-on fall mode.  My house is decorated, I’m ready for cardigans and boots, football is on tv… fall is here.  Except it’s not cool outside yet.  So I’m always dying to dig into my fall gear but I feel ridiculous putting on layers when it’s still pretty warm {still in the 70s and 80s} here in North Carolina. So I found a couple of ways you can wear boots now.  All you have to do is pair them with some summery items so that you don’t overdo it {and die… Read More

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The busy girl’s guide to a simpler life

10 small things that will make a big difference in every day life

Remember my very first post and how I admitted to being a blog stalker?  One of the reasons I’m addicted to blogs is because I feel like I learn something about the way someone else… does life.  Some of the blogs I follow are stay at home moms, some aren’t married, some live in big cities, some are full-time bloggers… {you get the idea}.  And it’s just so interesting to me to learn about someone else’s day-to-day life and pick up inspiration along the way. So, I started thinking about the things that I do all the time in an… Read More

Ranch chicken

One of my favorite things about making dinner is when David loves it and gets excited that I’ve made it.  And he loves food.  Even better is when he loves it and it took less time than… I don’t know?  Ordering takeout?  This recipe originated when I found two recipes from Pinterest but both had one or two ingredients that I didn’t like.  So I kind of made up my own.  And at our house, this became known as ranch chicken.  It’s a favorite up in here. Ingredients 4 frozen chicken breasts 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 packet ranch… Read More

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Love to the max{i}: part II

One of my earliest posts centered around my love for the maxi skirt.  Guess what?  It’s baaaack!   My favorite things about the maxi?  It’s comfy.  {Like baggy sweats-that-can’t-be-worn-in-public comfy.}  It’s can be worn on a variety of occasions… work, shopping, dinner, church.  Actually it can be worn to pretty much anything.  It’s prefect for traveling because it doesn’t wrinkle… either in my suitcase or in the car/on the plane.  {Not that I go anywhere that requires me to fly but maybe you do.}  It looks good layered with a denim jacket so it just doesn’t get any better than this for… Read More

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High five for Friday!

Sometimes I actually want to give someone a high five just for making it this far in the week.  At my school, Friday is jeans day so that makes it even more delicious… I can taste the weekend.  This week has been incredibly busy and I kind of need things to slow down a bit.  Great, just so busy.  Here’s a look back at my favorite moments…   On Saturday, we went to Greenville to watch Kenzie play college volleyball for the first time {I’m so old, how is she in college?}.  She won both games on Saturday and got some… Read More

Fall is in the air

I didn’t say the air outside.  Maybe I’ll just set the thermostat on 60 and snuggle up in a blanket with my fall decor all around me and pretend it’s cold outside, too.  Just kidding.   Erin painted these for me a few weeks after I met her.   All of her hand-lettered designs are out of this world.  {Seriously, the first time I ever asked her to write something for me, she said, “Sure.  What font do you want?” has nothing on her.}  I’m obsessed with these because I can reuse them every year. I made this wreath a few… Read More

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Buffalo chicken sandwiches

Fact: my husband loves to eat. Fact: I don’t love to cook. It’s not that I hate it, it’s just that I have too much of my mother in me to enjoy spending 3 hours in the kitchen for something that will be devoured in 3 minutes. I’ll never have any gourmet recipes to share with you. As much as I love the crockpot, I don’t want soup {or soup-ish food} every night. So I’m kinda picky when it comes to the crockpot. I can’t take any credit for this recipe… but I can share it. It was given to me… Read More

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