6 Ways I’ve Grown Since Becoming A Mom

6 ways ive grown as a mom

I think every major life change develops our character a little bit more. Being a mom is no different — it’s changed me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Sometimes the changes are so small that they almost go overlooked. Other times, they’re like a siren — with flashing lights and a loud noise. I believe that life is comprised of unending moments that give you chances to improve who you are. I’m very motivated by growth; it makes me feel like things are worth it when I can see the progress I’ve made. I’ve noticed a few ways I’ve grown over the… Read More

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7 Years Later

seven years later

Yesterday, David and I celebrated 7 years. I pulled up a calculator just now to see how many days we’ve been married. The result? More than 2500. In some ways, seven years is comprised of so many days. I can barely remember a time when we weren’t married. Thousands of dinners together. Morning goodbye kisses as we rushed off to work. Laughter every day. A handful of disagreements. At least a million texts. One one hand, that perfect day in the white dress feels like it was yesterday. I can still remember the conversation we had right before we were announced at our… Read More

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Variety is the Spice of Life


A while back, I was out at a restaurant with a couple girls. We try to get together every once in a while to catch up and have a few drinks. In some ways, we’re a diverse group: one friend has two older kids, another friend is single, and the other is married.  None of us are in the exact same phase of life and that just makes our little group that much more charming. The other mom in the group was reveling in the idea of going home to a quiet house. Her kids and husband were out of town until… Read More

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3 Things I’m Loving | Beach Edition

3 things i'm loving

Beach favorites! These three things made me 😍😍😍 while we were in beach mode. Your turn! What are you loving? De-tangler. You know that stuff that’s made for kids? Well, it’s amazing for adults, too. After spending so much time at the beach, this has been a life-saver. Seriously. I used L’Oreal when I was with Kaitlyn and then bought some when we made it to EI –I think it’s Johnson & Johnson. (It’s also great for non-beach days too. Do you ever pile your hair in a topknot and then decide you want to take it down but it’s a mess? Not… Read More

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How to: Travel with a Toddler and Keep Your Sanity


In a period of 16 days, we’ve been on a tour of the Southeast. We stopped by Atlanta on our way to Panama City Beach. We were in Florida for a week and then made the 12 hour trek to Emerald Isle, NC for 5 days. We came home for less than 24 hours before heading to Pigeon Forge, TN for the weekend. David and I have roadtripped many times and we really enjoy it. (Except for that one time I was severely nauseous, barely pregnant, would only eat KFC mashed potatoes, and made David drive the whole time. But… Read More

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How to: host a blind wine-tasting party

wine-tasting party tt

Several years ago, I came across this idea of a blind wine-tasting party on Pinterest. I thought it sounded really fun but it was kind of one of those things that I thought I should do sometime but never really made it happen. Until now 🥂 🍷 I told David I was kicking him out (with Ari too!) and I was going to pick a date, invite a few friends, and give it a go. I’m always down for a good excuse to hang out with friends and drink wine but this actually turned out to be tons of fun.… Read More

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What’s Up Wednesday | May Edition


What’s Up Wednesday Monday Written and attempted to publish on Wednesday, May 31 but I ran into technical difficulties.  What we’re eating this week | We had lots of deliciousness from the grill over the weekend but nothing too exciting this week. Copper, on the other hand, now gets his food delivered to him one pebble at a time. What I’m reminiscing about | last year at the lake vs. this year. What I’m loving | If you follow me on Facebook, you might already know that my newest endeavor is that I’ve become a  Beachbody Coach. That basically means that I’ve… Read More

Summer Style

Romper || Sunnies || Matte lipstick || Backpack || Sandals These pieces are all hanging out in my virtual closet. Aren’t they so fun? I can just envision an outdoor concert, a wine tasting, a date night, or a beach event. I have two rompers and I’m really looking for a good excuse to buy one more. I love how this one’s off-the-shoulder and floral and blue. It’s perfection. Sunglasses are my jam. I have at least 4 pair right now. A fun pair of sunglasses makes me smile and I just bought these. I’ve been wearing them nonstop. I love the blue reflection and how large they are.… Read More

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8 years

FullSizeRender 3

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go back to High Point University for the commencement ceremony. One of my former students/players graduated and it was so fun to be included in the festivities. I’ve only been back to HPU a handful of times since May 2009 and I left to become a real adult. While I was there this weekend, I kept thinking about 8 years and the ways my life has changed. I left as a single college grad and came back with my husband and toddler. 8 years. My current life looks nothing like the late nights… Read More

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3 Things I’m Loving

3 things i'm loving

Last time I posted about the things I love, I noticed that it sparked some fun conversation among friends. So, here we go again.  Will you comment at the end of this post and tell me about the things you’re loving? Spotify. So this isn’t a new thing for me but it’s like it’s reappeared in my life recently. You probably already know how much I love listening to music pretty much all day (if not, you can read about it here) but I’m kind of loyal to Pandora. Until recently, Ari was playing with the iPad and she played… Read More