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Happy Birthday, my girl!

November 15th will always be one of my favorite days. I hope you always feel celebrated. You’re loved by so many! Since we had your big party on Saturday, today feels a bit slower and a little more normal.


Every time I tell you “Happy Birthday!” you politely reply with, “Thank you, Mama.” I have no idea how you knew that was the correct response to a birthday wish. You know, that’s kind of been the theme of the last few months. “How did she know that?” We ask each other that a lot and the response is usually a shrug of the shoulders. 🤷🏻‍♀️

As I laid you down for your nap today, I thanked God for allowing me to spend so much time with you. I’m blown away by how much you’ve grown and changed since you turned one. You finally learned how to walk and your vocabulary has increased exponentially. It’s been so fun watching you form relationships this year. You love “big kids” and your aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents rank at the top of your list. I hear “call Z” at least 17 times a day. 


I love the way you wave when I drop you off at your class. “Bye bye, Mama. Love you!” It melts my heart and makes your crying phase from this summer worth it.

I literally laugh out loud every time this conversation happens:
Me: Hi Ariana. (Or Baby Girl or Precious or Girlfriend or any other nickname.)
You: Name Ari. Name Ari, Mama.
Oh, excuuuuse me. If only you knew how much I analyzed your name before we officially claimed it for you. I’m glad you like it.

It’s really fun to see your imagination starting to develop. You love making food for us from your kitchen. Yesterday, you even offered to bring me a glass of wine. You obviously know the way to my heart.

You’re obsessed with being outside. All the time. When it’s freezing cold, when it’s ridiculously hot, when it’s raining — none of it phases you. Sometimes, I can bribe you to get your shoes on (two different shoes, of course) by reminding you that you can go outside after. 


I’m so thankful that God is writing your story and I’m excited to see the plot develop. My prayer for you is that you will continue to let your light shine as you learn and grow. And that you always know how precious you are.


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