Summer Style

summer style

Romper || Sunnies || Matte lipstick || Backpack || Sandals

These pieces are all hanging out in my virtual closet. Aren’t they so fun? I can just envision an outdoor concert, a wine tasting, a date night, or a beach event. I have two rompers and I’m really looking for a good excuse to buy one more. I love how this one’s off-the-shoulder and floral and blue. It’s perfection. Sunglasses are my jam. I have at least 4 pair right now. A fun pair of sunglasses makes me smile and I just bought these. I’ve been wearing them nonstop. I love the blue reflection and how large they are. I’m not into dark or vibrant colors on my lips but I do like a neutral matte color. This lipstick looks like a good combo. I can’t really say that I’m a backpack person, normally. I’ve always thought they must be really inconvenient because how do you grab something out of it easily?  Recently though, I’ve wanted to try it just to see. They’re cute and it would be nice to have both hands free. I’m pretty confident that you can’t ever have too many nude, flat sandals.

What are you crushing on this summer?


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