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I was shopping with a friend the other day – she’s also in education – and we were like, “how do people without a real summer get anything done?”  There have been summers when I have taken it for granted but not this one!

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Megan’s always such a big supporter of the blog and my Etsy shop and yesterday she encouraged me to add some new cards to the shop.  I was having some technical difficulties and… here was our conversation last night.

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I mean, I’ll be a pimp.

And you should totally check out her blog, That Wasn’t the Plan – living life as it happens, not according to a checklist.  She has the best stories and she shared a delicious recipe earlier this week.

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These cards are now available in my Etsy shop, The Studio.  I’m thinking about doing a whole chalkboard series but… first things first.  20% off this weekend only!  Use the code WEEKEND20 and get a deal on these chalkboard beauties.

{If you’re local and are interested in them, email me at clairehoots@gmail.com before you place your order.  I have a code you can enter so you don’t have to pay for shipping!}



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The one benefit of cleaning out every closet, drawer, cabinet, room in your house is you find great pictures along the way.  Here are my favorites from yesterday.

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Okay okay, maybe that first one doesn’t count as a benefit of organizing since it came from timehop but it was too good not to share.  Katrina and I being gangsta on the lake one year ago.  Fast forward to today and she has the cutest little one month old and I probably wouldn’t fit in a life jacket to get on the tube.  Oh how a year can change things.  {I told you I was feeling nostalgic at how time changes things – probably thanks to the hormones!}

And that one-socked, smiling baby?  David at a year old.  Cutest little thing I’ve ever seen.

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Need I say more?  We’ve watched 3 or 4 episodes so far.  I’m a fan and so is hubs.  #thatneverhappens

Well, hubby made muffins and since this is coming atcha in real time, I’m out!  Happy weekend!


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  • #1 – I left the office at 5:45 yesterday with a list and a bag of things to return/exchange. Stop 1 & 2, no issue. Then, I made it to Staples at 7:05pm, they closed at 7:00pm. Now I have to go during lunch or this weekend #NotCool I kind of wish everyone had 2 no work (but still paid) weeks of vacation, which wouldn’t require the use of PTO hours, to just get stuff done!

    #2 Pimping ain’t easy…but you’ll do it well! :)

    #3. You’re welcome! Pumped for The Studio! And yes to more designs and a chalkboard series!!! (oh….chalkboard…back to school cards – great for those 1st days of needing major lunchbox/backpack encouragement) #CEO

    #4. Love a good throwback!

    #5. YES!!!! Don’t you want to be a Braverman???? Although the Pierce Clan is kinda Braverman….so I guess you’re living the dream! But seriously, LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

  • Or rather, how do people without a summer break have the motivation to continue on? I LOVE that I get a new year beginning every August. Makes life less like a revolving door.

  • Every time I see someone mention Parenthood it makes me want to keep watching it. I zoomed through the first season in like 2 days, but haven’t watched anymore since then. Love your new chalkboard inspired cards– they’re so cute, and yay for being able to figure out what was going on with the shop.

  • Awesome post Claire! Oh I cried at the series finale of Parenthood! That is hands-down mine and my husbands favorite series ever it is simply the best, there was no better show on TV and I could relate to it so much and I think a lot of people can! I wish I had one those muffins with my coffee right now! lovin your gansta pose! Enjoy sweet girl and have a most lovely weekend!

  • I think that every summer. How do people live without summers off??

  • Totally agree about summers off! My parents were both teachers and my hubby and I are both teachers. The idea of working in the summer is almost a foreign concept. I can’t even imagine! And I LOVE those cards! So cute!!!

  • Love the cards you made! So cute! Also, not working in the summer sounds pretty much amazing! :)

  • I didn’t know you were on esty! I am too, but I haven’t had time to update things lately. I put things on hold for the summer because we’re away from home.

    Midwest Darling

  • I couldn’t be more jealous of teachers and your ample time off… it’s not just the summers, it’s all the other vacations you get throughout the year, the time off between Christmas and New Years, and all the other random holidays. Super jealous! Enjoy gurlie 😉

  • Summers off are seriously the best! I love the thank you notes you made! Super cute!

  • I’m so with you! DG and I get so much done over the summer and I often wonder who people who have 12 month jobs do it. Love your new notes! I can’t wait to see more of your chalkboard designs. Those are my favorite!! xoxo

  • Testing.

  • Love those chalkboard thank you cards! They are so cute!