The first thankful Thursday

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>> I’m thankful for our little Coppy.  When we got him, one of my “rules” was not to become those puppy parents that think their dog is their kid.  But we sure do love him!  He makes us laugh all the time.

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But that one time… he kinda broke my heart.  He always gets a little sad when we’re packing up and he knows we’re leaving.  But this specific time, he jumped in the driver’s seat.  “You’re not leaving without physically moving me.”  Poor guy.

>>We left anyway because we were headed to the beach with Katrina and Angelo.  I’m thankful that we have teacher friends so we can take a week during the summer and relax, eat delicious food, laugh, play games {much to the boys’ dismay}.  We made so many great memories!

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>>What are you thankful for?  Let’s make a conscious effort to be thankful this season… and write about it on Thursdays!

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  • I thought yall had a Goldendoodle!! They’re the best dogs! We clearly treat ours like a kid lol he’ll be in for a rude awakening one day haha

    • Copper is naked right now (and kinda sad about it) but in a month or two, he’ll look cute again! #teamgoldendoodle

  • Oh I am totally one of those dog parents that thinks their dog is their kid. I am always talking to Bailey and holding a steady one sided conversation. I love the way she looks at me like..”Mom I have no idea what you are saying to me but I am going to give you tons of kisses.”

    • Hahaha!! I hold those one sided conversations, too. Actually, I usually make up Copper’s responses in his voice! But he does the whole “No idea what you’re talking about” look!

  • Bailey is totally our child. I can’t even apologize for it haha! What a CUTE FREAKING DOG!

    • He’s adorable in that photo but now he’s naked and sad and not his cute self!

  • Megan

    Thank you for not embarrassing sweet Copper by posting a picture of him in his identity ridden state – you know…after the shave. Poor dog needs a hand knit sweater! #PinterestPartyIdea #HeIsStillTheCutestDogEver #EvenIfHeIsBaldNow

    • I would never embarrass or talk bad about that dog! What are you talkin’ about?

  • That dog is too cute! I want one of my own. One day… And the SWING looks like fun!
    So I joined in and wrote a Thankful Thursday Post, thanks for “hosting” :)

    • I love yours!! Do it again next week, too :)

  • That looks like such a perfectly relaxing vacation. I need one!
    And our dogs are 110% our children. I was the person who also swore it would NEVER happen…

    • It was honestly one of the best vacations ever. Writing that post made me want to go back!!! And as far as dogs… it’s crazy what they do to us, isn’t it?