What’s your here?

I wasn’t planning to post anything today. {Thought I’d give you a break.} But then I came across this and felt compelled to share. In her book, Annie F. Downs writes: The world needs to see your courage in action. But you live in your town for a reason. What is it? Why are you there? Why is here your spot on the map? Why have you chosen that town, of all the towns in the world, to be your home? Maybe you didn’t pick it. Maybe it picked you. But you are there. When we think about the puzzle… Read More

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Fashion + feathers

Wait… what? When I read blogs, I always wonder where they came up with the name. Monday, I mentioned Annie F. Down’s book Let’s All Be Brave kind of pushing me to start a blog.  And it did. But truthfully, this blog started months ago… except it was only in my head. Erin, a fellow English teacher {you know that one friend at work who keeps you sane?} introduced me to a fashion blog and I started binge reading. Not only did I begin reading Lauren Elizabeth’s daily posts, but I would sit down on my couch in the evenings, iPad in… Read More

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Two ways to wear a graphic tee

For me, versatility is key. I hate buying something that will only pair with one thing. {Or even worse, something that I can only wear once.} A graphic tee can be paired with so many different things and worn for a variety of different occasions. When I found this one, it was a little bit more than I would typically pay for a tshirt but I wear it nonstop so I think the splurge was worth it! I love to pair it with shorts and tennis shoes for a casual day of running errands or hanging with friends in the… Read More

Keep calm and blog on

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve enjoyed blog hopping for the last couple of years. {Anybody with me?}  Basically, I enjoy stalking the lives of those I’ve never met. I’ve always thought that I would begin blogging at some point… never really knowing what that point was. This summer, the idea has been rolling around in my head. Why not now? What better time to start a blog?  Before that, I was {very passively} toying with the idea and praying about it but I hadn’t made any real moves towards blogging. And then a couple of weeks ago, I was reading a blog… Read More

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