Letters to Ariana | 10 months

September 15, 2016 Hey Sweetness, How’s my girl? Happy as long as you’re banging two spoons on the tile floor? Two spoons that you swiped from the dishwasher and the proceed to carry with you to each room in the house. Let’s just say, you never show up unannounced. Yep, that’s life currently.  For some reason, you’re not a fan of wearing a bib while you eat. Two days ago at lunch, you refused to eat any fruit or chicken. (Crackers or baked beans… you were all over those.) As soon as you yanked on your bib hard enough to… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 9 months

August 15, 2016 Baby Girl, Whew. Last month you started crawling… now you’re cruising! You go so fast now and Mama can’t keep up! For a while, you wouldn’t attempt to pull up on furniture or your toys but the second somebody sat in the floor with you, you took advantage of the human jungle gym. Within the last week, you’ve been pulling up on everything… nonstop. Girl, you bump your head all the time. There was a 10 minute stretch today that you hit your noggin on at least three different things. And you want to be comforted but… Read More

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Back to school rambling from a former teacher

These two photos popped up on Timehop this morning. After almost seven years in the classroom, this month marks the first time in 25 years that I’m not going back to school. I have no excuse to indulge in a new outfit, a new set of colorful pens, or prepare for a new batch of kids in room 309. My life now consists of workout gear and no makeup. My hair is almost never not in a top knot. A few months ago, I was covered in spit-up and now it’s drool or leftover strawberries from breakfast. In the last 9 months,… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 8 months

July 15, 2016 Hey Sweet Girl, What a month it’s been… your busiest one so far! You’ve been to Greenville while Dada was at basketball camp, the beach, and then Pigeon Forge with the whole Pierce crew. As usual, you handled it all like a champ. At the beach, you had a little extra entertainment since your three cousins were there. You loved sitting on the sand and letting the waves wash over your feet. And then you were so mad when you weren’t allowed to eat the sand. I mean, I’m pretty sure you managed to swallow some of… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 7 months

June 15, 2016 Ariana, Hey BooBoo! I just have so much fun with you, Little One. I hope you always know that. Daddy and I love to laugh at you, watch you, and hang out with you. You’re really not supposed to be watching TV and we laughed yesterday when he set you on the ground facing away from the TV and you immediately whipped around so you could see it. This month has been full of changes and I may or may not say (on repeat), “Not yet, Ari!” You’re just growing and changing so much and I want to… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 6 months

May 15, 2016 Hey Girl, You know what your new favorite thing is? Copper.  All he has to do is walk past you and a huge grin spreads across your face.  When he plays with you it’s just nonstop laughter.  Belly laughs. High-pitch squeals. Somehow that makes vacuuming every 7 seconds just a little bit less demoralizing… but only because he makes you laugh THAT much. For the last two weeks, you’ve been sitting up pretty well on your own.  It reminds me that you’re such a big girl because it happened in like two days.  All of the sudden… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 5 months

April 15, 2016 Hi BooBoo! This week hasn’t been my favorite, but you my girl, are most definitely my favorite! You just roll with the punches and go along with whatever is thrown at you. You’re my favorite person to spend the day with. You’re my favorite person when the days consist of PJs at home until noon (or later!) You’re my favorite when we’re on-the-go and the days are nonstop. You’re my favorite when you’ve gotten me up too many times the night before and I stumble into your room and yawn all day. This month has provided your biggest… Read More

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Ariana’s birth story | part 4

Feeling lost?  Catch up on what you’ve missed: Ariana’s birth story | part 1 Ariana’s birth story | part 2 Ariana’s birth story | part 3 5:00pm Shuffling my feet down the hallway, Andre’s in the kitchen.  “How ya doing, Clairey?” “Terrible.” Poor guy has a look on his face like oh, I was just trying to be nice. “Here, put pressure on her lower back,” Kaitlyn tells him.  He applies pressure. “Well, don’t knock me over!  Geez!”  I snapped at him.  Yikes, this woman is mean. I know that’s what he was thinking.  And I was mean.  Mean, and in… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 4 months

March 15, 2016 Hey Ari Girl, 4 months?  How did we get here?  I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that in two months we’ll start feeding you real food.  In 8 months we’ll be celebrating your first year with us.  Time seriously flies. I can’t believe how much you’re doing now.  You love to kick your feet when you’re laying on your back.  You love to “fly” with your Daddy.  It really makes you laugh when he sings “I Believe I Can Fly” while parading you through the air.  You give me some of the sweetest expressions… Read More

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Ariana’s birth story | part 3

Feeling lost?  Catch up here: Ariana’s birth story | part 1 Ariana’s birth story | part 2 3:00pm My sisters and Andre made the two hour trek from Greenville, SC even though I told them that I would call if/when we went to the hospital.  At the nurse’s suggestion, I had taken a warm bath and it had really relieved the pressure in my back. But in my mind, that wasn’t a good thing because I needed that pain in order to meet the newly-named Ariana.  I had spent the morning on the living room couch.  When I got out… Read More

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