What I’m Wearing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day ūüćÄ These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling for us. Since the beginning of March, we’ve been to Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem and Greensboro, Blowing Rock, and Knoxville. Ariana, who used to never sleep while we were traveling, seems to have all of that figured out. Or maybe I just learned that she needed to be a bit more tired than normal when I lay her down. Either way, it’s working and it’s glorious. I’ve taken a few snapshots of my favorite looks from this winter and linked similar items below each image. Note:… Read More

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3 Things I’m Loving: Beauty Edition

So this new adventure with F+F has taken things in a new direction. I’ll probably post once or twice a week, max. And then other weeks it’ll be mostly silent. I’d categorize most of what I’m currently writing as reflective pieces. They’re deeper than the¬†here’s what we did this week posts of Fashion + Feathers, round 1. Or the here’s an outfit you can try.¬†I’m really enjoying getting back into writing, but it is a little bit of an adjustment. I find that I have 834093284098 topics running through my mind at any given time, and about 17 (actually more… Read More

I’m glad I shared our miscarriage

In case you missed it: In December of 2016, we lost a baby just a few weeks after finding out we were expecting. Our experience is detailed in an essay on Her View from Home titled Will God Give Us A Second Child?¬† I think the topic of miscarriage is becoming something that people are more willing to talk about. As I was walking at the park this week with a friend, she said she had read my piece of Her View from Home and that she knew of many friends who had battled a miscarriage. I agreed. It’s unfortunate… Read More

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Make your social media experience fun

The comparison game on social media can be real. Here’s my take on a¬†healthy and fun social media experience: 1. Post for yourself.¬†If you’re focused on how many likes or comments¬†you’ll get, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. Post because you want to share something. Maybe its a gorgeous sunset over the lake or your kids acting like goofballs. Post for you. Share because the memory is important. 2.¬†Don’t let social media replace real interaction. Social media is meant to be just that — social. But seriously, it’s not meant to replace face-to-face conversations so don’t get sucked in… Read More

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Staying Energized

“Do you go somewhere everyday?” One of my best friends asked me this after she was home with her sick little one for a few days. She works a full-time job¬†and then comes home to tackle mom-life, household chores, family time, dinner, and everything else. I know it’s pretty much impossible to relate to those of us who stay home with our littles unless you’re a fellow SAHMer. And even then, I don’t know because we all seem to do things a little differently. When I think back to my 40-hour work weeks,¬†I couldn’t have envisioned the trials and triumphs… Read More

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A New Journey with F+F

Do you ever have an idea rolling around in your head but you just don’t know exactly how to proceed? And then you just get to a point and it’s kind of like,¬†Ok. I’m just going for it. I don’t know if this is the best way to do it but I literally can’t sit here thinking about it anymore. Have you ever been there? Because when it comes to Fashion + Feathers, I’ve just let it lay dormant for so¬†long. And I miss writing. When I started this whole thing, I wanted to be a fashion blogger. Like a… Read More

Random Ariana updates

Remember the days when I blogged weekly updates and easily published 15-20 posts in a month’s time?¬†Yeah, me too. Well, today’s a new day and all the conditions are right to write: we got about 7 inches of snow last night so¬†we’re hunkered in. I tend to get antsy when I’m home for too long so I’m trying to mix it up and do things I don’t normally do. Like, for example, posting on here. So, for anyone who still reads this thing — here are some recent happenings. Ariana keeps us entertained on a daily basis. She’s formed many… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 11 Months

October 15, 2016 Ari, Hey Girl. Someone asked me recently if I could believe you were almost a year old. And no, I can’t. But at the same time, I can’t believe that you weren’t with us this time last year. It’s funny how time does that. You’ve decided you hate-hate-hate your carseat unless I’m stuffing your face with crackers. It makes me carefully analyze if we actually need to go wherever it is that we’re supposed to go. Some days it’s just not worth it but when we do get to our destination, you come out grinning and waving… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 10 months

September 15, 2016 Hey Sweetness, How’s my girl? Happy as long as you’re banging two spoons on the tile floor? Two spoons that you swiped from the dishwasher and the proceed to carry with you to each room in the house. Let’s just say, you never show up unannounced. Yep, that’s life currently.  For some reason, you’re not a fan of wearing a bib while you eat. Two days ago at lunch, you refused to eat any fruit or chicken. (Crackers or baked beans… you were all over those.) As soon as you yanked on your bib hard enough to… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 9 months

August 15, 2016 Baby Girl, Whew. Last month you started crawling… now you’re cruising! You go so fast now and Mama can’t keep up! For a while, you wouldn’t attempt to pull up on furniture or your toys but the second somebody sat in the floor with you, you took advantage of the human jungle gym. Within the last week, you’ve been pulling up on everything… nonstop. Girl, you bump your head all the time. There was a 10 minute stretch today that you hit your noggin on at least three different things. And you want to be comforted but… Read More

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