Letters to Ariana | 6 months

May 15, 2016 Hey Girl, You know what your new favorite thing is? Copper.  All he has to do is walk past you and a huge grin spreads across your face.  When he plays with you it’s just nonstop laughter.  Belly laughs. High-pitch squeals. Somehow that makes vacuuming every 7 seconds just a little bit less demoralizing… but only because he makes you laugh THAT much. For the last two weeks, you’ve been sitting up pretty well on your own.  It reminds me that you’re such a big girl because it happened in like two days.  All of the sudden… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 5 months

April 15, 2016 Hi BooBoo! This week hasn’t been my favorite, but you my girl, are most definitely my favorite! You just roll with the punches and go along with whatever is thrown at you. You’re my favorite person to spend the day with. You’re my favorite person when the days consist of PJs at home until noon (or later!) You’re my favorite when we’re on-the-go and the days are nonstop. You’re my favorite when you’ve gotten me up too many times the night before and I stumble into your room and yawn all day. This month has provided your biggest… Read More

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Ariana’s birth story | part 4

Feeling lost?  Catch up on what you’ve missed: Ariana’s birth story | part 1 Ariana’s birth story | part 2 Ariana’s birth story | part 3 5:00pm Shuffling my feet down the hallway, Andre’s in the kitchen.  “How ya doing, Clairey?” “Terrible.” Poor guy has a look on his face like oh, I was just trying to be nice. “Here, put pressure on her lower back,” Kaitlyn tells him.  He applies pressure. “Well, don’t knock me over!  Geez!”  I snapped at him.  Yikes, this woman is mean. I know that’s what he was thinking.  And I was mean.  Mean, and in… Read More

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Letters to Ariana | 4 months

March 15, 2016 Hey Ari Girl, 4 months?  How did we get here?  I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that in two months we’ll start feeding you real food.  In 8 months we’ll be celebrating your first year with us.  Time seriously flies. I can’t believe how much you’re doing now.  You love to kick your feet when you’re laying on your back.  You love to “fly” with your Daddy.  It really makes you laugh when he sings “I Believe I Can Fly” while parading you through the air.  You give me some of the sweetest expressions… Read More

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Ariana’s birth story | part 3

Feeling lost?  Catch up here: Ariana’s birth story | part 1 Ariana’s birth story | part 2 3:00pm My sisters and Andre made the two hour trek from Greenville, SC even though I told them that I would call if/when we went to the hospital.  At the nurse’s suggestion, I had taken a warm bath and it had really relieved the pressure in my back. But in my mind, that wasn’t a good thing because I needed that pain in order to meet the newly-named Ariana.  I had spent the morning on the living room couch.  When I got out… Read More

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March Madness | A giveaway + what to wear

David and I take March Madness pretty seriously around here.  We met at a basketball game, our first date was attending a Carolina game.  Since December 2008, we’ve been to approximately 17,421 games together and we’ve even coached together for two years. THE GIVEAWAY When Britt invited me to be a part of this one, I couldn’t pass it up.  {Make sure you check her and all the other fabulous bloggers out!}  You can click the link below for a chance to win $25 to Buffalo Wild Wings and $25 to Fanatics.  Boom! My Little Sunshines | Messes To Memories The Kelly… Read More

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Energy bites recipe

I’ve seen this recipe floating around Pinterest for a while now and I’m kicking myself for not making it sooner!  The truth is that this recipe calls for a lot of things that I don’t have hanging out in my cabinet on a regular basis so I was skeptical of purchasing all these ingredients and then not liking how they tasted.  When Kaitlyn came to town last weekend and had some of the energy bites with her, it was the perfect chance to try them without buying everything first.  And I’m here to tell you that they’re delicious, healthy and… Read More

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Ariana’s birth story | part 2

Feeling lost?  Catch up here: Ariana’s birth story | part 1 Sunday, November 15 (7 days from the due date) at 4:30am Here I am, laying in bed with a dull back ache.  At 39 weeks pregnant, I was no stranger to those annoying aches and pains in the last 6 weeks.  I asked David if he thought this was it.  Because we had no way of knowing, we went on with our day as usual. Most weekends, David makes muffins and brings me breakfast in bed.  After eating them, we decided that if this was the real thing, we… Read More

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What’s Up Wednesday | February

What we’re eating | This winter, we’ve had three soups on rotation: chili, taco soup and white chicken chili.  Over the weekend we had tons of family in town and I borrowed crock pots from friends, made all three of these soups because there isn’t an easier (or more delicious!) way to feed a crowd. What I’m reminiscing | I’ve had several people comment on Ari’s cheeks recently and how full her face is.  My first thought was, But her face has always been fluffy.  So I pulled up a few pictures of when she was a day or two old!… Read More

Letters to Ariana | 3 months

February 15, 2016 Ariana, Hello, my Little Love.  You’re learning and changing so much every day!  Those little smiles are so routine now and we even get a laugh here and there.  You like to “talk” and we love hearing what you have to say.  My favorite is when you get this high-pitched squeal.  With all this interaction, we’re constantly coming up with crazy things just to get a smile or laugh.  Your little legs just never stop kicking. Early on, we were amazed at your ability to sleep through numerous basketball games but now you’re alert through many of them.… Read More

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