Two ways to wear solid white

You’ve got to try this combo.  White + white.  This outfit was my inspiration. When I saw it, it was about 97 degrees out with 100 percent humidity so the “feels like” was at least 112 degrees.  {Totally made all that up but it was hot out.  Miserably hot.}  So, of course I had to adapt and find other ways to wear it in the dead of summer.  And then I’m planning to rock it this fall too! {If you’re digging’ that bag, I posted about it here.}   Solid white is so polished yet effortless.  You should try it. {And… Read More

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September goals

Is there anything better than a completed list? I seriously do that all the time.   As many lists as I make, it’s never crossed my mind to have certain goals for each month. There are several blogs that I follow who do this, so I’m following in the footsteps of Shay, Kelly and Kate. And yes, I know we’re already a week into September but, better late than never, right? Here goes… 1. Devotions daily.  I haven’t opened my real Bible with my name printed on it in years. The YouVersion Holy Bible app on my iPad is more… Read More

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High five for Friday!

  I just love it when the weekend rolls back around… and quickly this time!  Having a four day week was on point.  I’m requesting one every week from now on.  Here are my 5 favorites from this week.   We had a gift card to a new restaurant so we went out for dinner last night.  {David is hilarious when it comes to expensive food.  Give the man Zaxbys chicken fingers and fries and he’s in heaven.  An $8 dollar salad that’s not a part of your meal?  Not really his thing.  But he does make comments the whole… Read More

The busy girl’s guide to the manicured life

If I had to chose one accessory that makes me feel fab, it’s a fresh manicure.  There’s just something about a new color on my hands that puts a fresh spin on things.  It’s my guilty pleasure and I love trying new trends.  But, who has time to update their nails every 5 seconds? I can get a full week out of one manicure with this top coat.  If you’re a nail girl, go buy this!  If you’re not… you could use it on your toes and it would make that last foreverrrrr.  Here’s the link if you want to buy… Read More

Two ways to wear a denim top

After looking for a denim top for a few months, I finally found one at Francesca’s Boutique and have been wearing it ever since.  I fell in love with this one because it’s so soft.  Seriously, words and pictures don’t do in justice.  You’ll have to go feel it for yourself. It’s perfect with shorts and strappy wedges for date night.  But when school starts back, I always start brainstorming some ways I can wear my “normal” clothes to work.  So I’m all about some straight-leg black pants and flats paired with my denim top from the summer. Click here to… Read More

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Trendwatch: the cross-body bag

Hope you’re all enjoying your Labor Day!  An extra day off just makes so much difference, right?  I actually had this post planned for last week… but with school starting + getting sick + technical difficulties… well, it just wasn’t in the cards.   Good news!!  The NEW email button works.  I still haven’t figured out why the other one didn’t but I got this new one to work.  {You’ll have to re-enter your email address.}  Sorry for the inconvenience but thank you to everyone who kept me updated and was patient with me! Ok… on to today’s topic… I… Read More

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High five for Friday!

Ahhh, Friday.  So good to see you. This has been the first week of school for students {second week for teachers} so it’s been busy.  I came down with a terrible, miserable, knock-you-on-your butt kind of cold on Monday night.  Except I didn’t even know I was getting sick.  I just thought my throat was scratchy since I had talked all day.  But no… it turned into sore throat, stuffy nose, no voice, fever, the whole nine yards.  I kept praying for it to go away as quickly as it came on and I truly believe God took it away.… Read More

The best drink around

This is my go-to.  The lake?  I’m probably bringing it.  The beach?  Most likely packed in the cooler.  A cookout with friends?  Mm-hmm.  Enjoying an evening at home?  Possibly. My friend Sarah always makes delicious food and drinks.  Years ago, I emailed her to find out her sangria recommendations.  She sent a few and I immediately latched on to a peach sangria recipe.  Since then, I’ve kind of customized this one so it’s easy to make and includes the things I usually have on hand. Mix all ingredients, starting with the fruit.  Make this at least 8 hours before you… Read More

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Magic in a bottle

I used to be a shower everyday kinda girl.  And I mean every single day.  Like even if I was putting on shorts and a tshirt on a Saturday morning to go to the grocery store.  No shower was no option.  My hair is oily so it always looks gross without a shower. And then I discovered the magic of dry shampoo. It changed my life… or at least the way I get ready in the mornings.  Now, I frequently do the no-shower thing.  {Or I’ll shower without washing my hair.}  It allows me to have more time in the mornings… Read More

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