3 Things I’m Loving

Earlier today, I thought of the third thing for this list. Now that I’m sitting down at my computer I can only come up with one. I wish I could claim mom brain but I’m 100% sure I was this forgetful way before Ariana. I seriously can’t remember a thing unless I write it down.

Well, when the other two jump into my brain, I’ll write about them.

3 things i'm loving

  1. MAMA hat. Usually my hats are technically David’s. And when I wear a hat, pretty much anything goes. I’m not trying to protect it in any way. I’ll wear it in the ocean, the lake, and the pool. I don’t really care if it gets sunscreen on it. Cramming it in an already-full suitcase doesn’t bother me. David, on the other hand, is particular about how his hats get treated. He kept telling me I was ruining them so it was time for me to get a hat of my own. My only regret with this thing is that I didn’t get it sooner. I would have literally worn it all summer.
  2. BB cream. Kaitlyn told me about using BB cream a while ago but I never purchased any of my own. A few weeks ago, I saw some on sale in the store and grabbed it. It has such a light, sheer finish and it’s perfect for no makeup days. It certainly doesn’t cover all but it does even out my complexion a little. I think I grabbed CoverGirl BB cream.
  3. Panini press. It just adds a little flair to the ordinary sandwich. Our friends were kind enough to gift us our very own George Foreman grill after we oohed and ahhed over theirs! We’ve had it a week and already used it multiple times. I feel like it makes sandwiches for dinner a little more acceptable. Right?

If you’ve missed out on 3 Things I’m Loving posts, check them out here. And tell me, what are you loving right now?

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