7 Years Later

Yesterday, David and I celebrated 7 years. I pulled up a calculator just now to see how many days we’ve been married. The result? More than 2500.

seven years later

In some ways, seven years is comprised of so many days. I can barely remember a time when we weren’t married. Thousands of dinners together. Morning goodbye kisses as we rushed off to work. Laughter every day. A handful of disagreements. At least a million texts.

One one hand, that perfect day in the white dress feels like it was yesterday. I can still remember the conversation we had right before we were announced at our reception. The first time we saw each other on that day was a surreal moment. I remember that child-like giddy feeling I woke up with on the morning of July 24, 2010.  Seven years has passed in the blink of an eye.

When I think back on this journey called marriage, I can’t help but smile.

Seven years has taught us so much. We’ve been shaken to our core. We’ve cried. (Ok maybe that was just me.) We’ve lost precious loved ones. We’ve been torn about which direction to go. We’ve been hurt by people we love. We’ve learned to run after things we’ve been called to do.

And seven years has blessed us with beautiful days. The weekends in the mountains with friends. Lake days. Carolina basketball games. The day we brought Ariana home from the hospital. Holiday celebrations. Lazy days off of work. Road trips and vacations. Day trips to visit local wineries. The list goes on and on.

And that’s the thing about life — it’s full of ups and downs. Peaks and valleys. Sometimes predicted, other times unexpected. Marriage is no different. It’s certainly not always easy but the commitment is so worth it.

So so worth it.

One thing I appreciate about David is his consistency. When the water is smooth, he’s steady. When the waves come, he’s steadily pointing me to Jesus. He’s the most level person I know.

When we were long-distance dating, I remember wishing for random Tuesday night dinners, trips to the grocery store, and walks around the neighborhood. You know, the boring moments that take up so much of life. But I just wanted him by my side. Somehow, it’s just better because he’s next to me in every single journey. Now I have all that and more and I’m ridiculously thankful.


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