3 Things I’m Loving | Beach Edition

3 things i'm loving

Beach favorites! These three things made me 😍😍😍 while we were in beach mode.

Your turn! What are you loving?

  1. De-tangler. You know that stuff that’s made for kids? Well, it’s amazing for adults, too. After spending so much time at the beach, this has been a life-saver. Seriously. I used L’Oreal when I was with Kaitlyn and then bought some when we made it to EI –I think it’s Johnson & Johnson. (It’s also great for non-beach days too. Do you ever pile your hair in a topknot and then decide you want to take it down but it’s a mess? Not if you have a de-tangler!) Seriously, this stuff is legit.
  2. Long sleeve suits for kids. Last year (newbie status!) Ari had a one-piece suit and then I put an SPF shirt over top. Getting a baby into a one-piece isn’t fun. This year, I got a little smarter. All her suits have long sleeves and then a separate bottom. The on-off process is easy and then the sunscreen process is simple, too. I’m a big fan.
  3. Spikeball. Pierce vacations are full of games and Andre is the ringleader. This was the first year we’ve had Spikeball on the beach and we had the best time. We competed in Kan Jam and beach volleyball.

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