What’s Up Wednesday | May Edition

What’s Up Wednesday Monday
Written and attempted to publish on Wednesday, May 31 but I ran into technical difficulties. 

What we’re eating this week | We had lots of deliciousness from the grill over the weekend but nothing too exciting this week. Copper, on the other hand, now gets his food delivered to him one pebble at a time.

What I’m reminiscing about | last year at the lake vs. this year.

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What I’m loving | If you follow me on Facebook, you might already know that my newest endeavor is that I’ve become a  Beachbody Coach. That basically means that I’ve discovered the huge shift in my body, mind, and emotions when I’m working out regularly. When I first started getting my butt in gear, I was using YouTube videos at home. And then I hit a plateau and I wasn’t sure what I needed to do differently. I knew my nutrition wasn’t the greatest but I didn’t actually know what I should do to fix it. But I also felt like my workouts, even though I was doing them every day, were super random. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to them — it was just whatever I felt like searching that morning. Cardio legs workout and then I’d select the one that I felt comfortable with the time frame. (I rarely do more than 30 minutes in a day.) So I signed up for Beachbody because it has programs. Not single workouts but entire workout programs that last anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 weeks. With more than 50 programs and 500 workouts, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored. I’m doing an Insanity workout that’s very cardio intensive right now and I’m considering one with weights next. It really has made so much difference for me. Not only do I feel better and have more energy, I’m proud to put some time into me everyday.

In addition to streaming the workouts, there I’m pretty obsessed with my shakeology drink every morning. And Ari is too.

If this is something you’re interested in, I’d love to chat with you. I’ve got a challenge group for June so you can still sign up today!

What we’ve been up to | We spent most of the weekend at the lake. I didn’t grow up on the lake but I’m so glad Ari’s getting the chance to.


On Monday, we had Nonny, Poppy, Aunt Kenzie, and Ryan here for the day. Long weekends are the best.

What I’m dreading | I really try not to dread things because, what a horrible way to go through life. But the one thing I’m not looking forward to is putting this sweet face in the car seat as we hit up the entire southeast during June.


Any tips for traveling with a 19-month old? #forrealthough

What I’m working on | I’m putting a few things together for a little party I’m having this weekend. I’m looking for things Ari can do in the car while we drive to Florida, to Emerald Isle, and to Gatlinburg in a two-week time span.

What I’m excited about | Actually getting to our destinations. Ari hasn’t been to Florida yet and I’ve been going my whole life. It’ll be really fun to have her there and the whole family together.


And because last time we were there, this happened.


What I’m watching + reading | I just started a book called Finding Grace by my friend Allison Green Martin. I’m only about a third of the way done but I’m just so amazed by what she’s accomplished. As I’m reading, I find myself thinking about the writing process in an entirely new way. You can check it out here.

I also just started watching Girl Boss on Netflix. Literally just started — episode one, complete ✅

What I’m listening to | Pandora, Spotify, Girl Boss.

What I’m wearing | A whole lot of leggings, sports bras, and top knot looks lately. But also, crushing on this. All of it.

What I’m doing this weekend | I’m having a few friends over and then hopefully relaxing. Our weekends have been so fun recently. But there hasn’t been a lot of down time. My fingers are crossed for Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

What I’m looking forward to next month | I’m super excited for the beach. When we went to Wilmington in April, she had the best time. I hope she continues to love the ocean and gets more comfortable in the pool.



What else is new | David has been really busy with testing recently. It’s by far his busiest time of the school year and he works much longer hours. Last night he got home about 10 minutes before Ariana went to bed and I know that wears on him. He’s pretty serious about his Ari time.

Favorite vacation spot | I don’t really turn down vacations. But because it’s been two years since we went to Florida and we’ll all be down there this summer, I’m pretty pumped about it.

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