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We’ve made it to the weekend!  Pretty sure I haven’t looked forward to a Friday as much as this one since mid June.  I really can’t complain though because it’s been a good week.  The first week of school is always hectic and it feels like all I can do is tread water.  It’ll be nice when things settle down a little.

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Yesterday I wrote about our struggles when it comes to naming Baby Girl and your comments were so helpful and encouraging!  Thank you so much.  A couple of you mentioned that my fickle nature probably won’t have the desire to change it because it will be her’s and that made so much sense.  It will be so much a part of her identity and I just can’t wait to get to know this sweet Baby Girl.

Amanda sent me this and I couldn’t resist sharing… #sotrue

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David brought me my tennis shoes one evening this week as we were headed out the door. Ummm… try again Babe!

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I had good intentions to snap a selfie of all my back to school outfits this week.  I mean… one out of five isn’t bad right?  And actually this one only happened because I’m borrowing this gorgeous cobalt blouse from a friend who had her baby this summer so I texted her the picture!

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Megan sent me this last week but it made me laugh so hard that I feel like it still needs to be shared.  I’m so glad I have people who’re willing to drink for me while I’m out of commission.

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And just because this is too good not to share.

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  • Biana Perez

    Oh my gosh when it comes to names – gary and I talk about it all the time and all I can think of are people that I dont like with the names he throws out there…even though I’m not even close to having a baby lol!! So glad the first week back was a success for you! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • Bahahaha on that text. Yes all those questions x2 at a minimum. The outfit is so cute, I would rock that if I had a leopard belt. I love blue more than before. Have a wonderful day, here’s to a day that speeds by (especially since I’m with freshman for my afternoon, aghhhhh!) xo Amanda

    • Hope your freshies treated you well. I start off every morning with freshmen! That cobalt top was my favorite thing I wore last week.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Thanks for the Friday morning laughs and smiles!!!! Love this post! How cute are you in that blue top and leopard belt!!! Love!! Your hubs and the tennis shoes…hilarious!! So glad this week is under your belt and here’s hoping for a fabulous weekend full of fun, love and laughter beautiful mama!!!

  • Darcy

    Hahah that ecard! I already have a hard time not picking a name of someone that I know for my (One Day ) child! I cannot imagine how hard it is if you teach!

    • It’s been something that’s an overwhelming thing for a while now but I actually feel so much better after reading all these comments from Thursday’s post.

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    SO much to laugh about in this post :) Love it! And, too funny that your hubby got you two completely different pairs of shoes… ohh, men. Bless them :)


  • Laughed so hard about the shoes! Love that last funny too! I can totally imagine the pressure of naming a child. I have names picked out, but getting Chris to agree will be a challenge. 😉

  • Bri

    Haha the teacher & naming kids is so true.

  • That cobalt blouse is lovely, such a nice colour!

    Glad that your first week back at work went well, hope they continue to go well for you! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • hahaha I laughed so hard at the shoes. My husband has done that to me a few times. lol!

  • mdb0112

    Hahaha, the shoes! That blouse is amazing! xo

  • I know it’s been an adjustment for you to eat for two, but let me tell you – drinking for 2 is equally challenging. Kidding! :)